Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grey skies are going to clear up...

Well here it is, our first nice day in what seems like months. We knew this day would come, but the wait has been unbearable for most. If there is one thing that tourists asked for the most, it was to change the weather. However, we do have a handful of them from the deep south, who actually welcomed the cold wet weather, but that is beside the point. It is supposed to stay this way until next Tuesday, so it will give the mine a chance to dry up a bit. As of late, there has been more water dripping down onto unsuspecting tourists than usual, so this warm, and hopefully dry weather, is a savior to light coloured clothes. In other news, we received a shipment of blueberry soap, blueberry napkins, and blueberry cups. We placed these accessories amongst our already massive collection of blueberry paraphernalia. This overflow of the blue fruit from the maritimes, led to a major overhaul of our gift shop displays...well not that major, but big enough to be mentioned in our blog. Which leads me to my last point, if the heat ever gets to much for you to handle, refer to this post.

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