Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Singing Miners

A coal mine is not a place where you would expect to find the next billboard sensation. But, coal miners have a history of being singers. For my first example, I would like to draw on Maurice Ruddick. Ruddick, known as the singing miner, was credited with keeping the miners in good spirits while trapped in the No. 2 "Bump" for 8 1/2 days. They even have a Canadian Heritage Moment about him, you can watch it here. Secondly, there is the crew from the Cape, also known as "The Men of the Deeps". These fellows put on quite the show. They typically start their show in complete darkness, then proceed to just turn on their head lamps, creating a very eerie atmosphere. We have a wide variety of their CDs here at the mine, so you should get down here and check them out. Some days, when we are really feeling in the mining spirit, we will crank the stereo, and let the singing miners do their thing.

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