Saturday, July 4, 2009

This is only the half of it.

So, we had an unexpected guest this morning. It was a guest made up of 28 wheels, 7 diesel engines, and a whole lot of fuel. We opened our doors today to be greeted by a convoy of RVs. A welcome site, a good way to break up a slow Saturday morning. We had no idea these RVs were coming, but, they are not that hard to accomodate. The people on these RVs seemed pretty cheery, despite the rainy weather. Every thing is going very far. Word on the street though, there are about 20 more of these bad boys in town at the Anne Murray Centre. So we're getting our rubber boots cleaned, helmets shined and headlamps charged in preparation for more guests.

There are more, but unfortunately our camera
does not have a wide angle lens.

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